Fałatówka – Julian Fałat museum

Artist's retreat

Polish art ought to convey our history and our beliefs, our qualities as well as our defects; it must be the quintessence of our soil, our sky, and our ideals. (Julian Fałat)

The famous Polish painter Julian Fałat lived in Silesian Bystra since 1910 until his death in 1929. Fałat was an excellent watercolor painter and one of the foremost landscape painters in Poland as well as one of the leading Polish impressionists. Watch his paintings in the Fałat Villa (Fałatówka) – Julian Fałat museum in Bystra. Typical to Fałat’s paintings are: Polish landscapes, hunting scenes, portraits, and studies from his voyages. The exhibition of 55 works is complemented with authentic furniture and utensils of the artist.

Location and contact information

Historic Museum in Bielsko-Biała
34 Juliana Fałata Street
43–360 Bystra Śląska
Phone: +48 33 810 53 25
Email: maria.aleksandrowicz@muzeum.bielsko.pl