Battle on the Sconces

Re-enactment of the Swedish deluge

It happened in the 17th century. The Polish Army and highlanders from Wilkowice and Mikuszowice bravely defended themselves from the onslaught of the Swedes. Due to further attacks of the well-armed Swedish soldiers, the Polish defence started to fall apart. The remnant defenders escaped to the forest. The Swedes robbed and burn houses. They didn’t take anyone into captivity. Wilkowice and Mikuszowice were on fire. Although the Swedes reached Żywiec, they started to withdraw because the highlanders didn’t give up.

This is how the Battle on the Sconces in 1656 looked like during the so-called Swedish deluge (Swedish invasion of Poland).

See this unique re-enactment in the Beskid Mountains

In May, on the initiative of the inhabitants of Wilkowice, the annual re-enactment of this event, with the participation of actors, lovers of living history, soldiers and the civilian archers’ fraternity, is organised. However, not only the fight takes attention of the public but also what happened later. They see the wounded being taken from the battle field. Among them were also the Swedes who received appropriate medical care from the residents of Wilkowice. Finally, the inhabitants forgave the former enemy and accepted them. Some Swedes even decided to spend the rest of their life in Wilkowice. In recognition of the noble attitude of the inhabitants who didn’t take revenge against the wounded enemy soldiers, the Consul of the Kingdom of Sweden expressed very special thanks to the municipality of Wilkowice.

Such positive stories behind big historical events inspire us to act in a similar way.