Cross country skiing trails on Magurka Mountain

In the footsteps of Maria Theresa

Cross country skiing trails

Try your skills on one of the four cross country skiing trails which are marked out on Magurka mountain: pleasant, safe and maintained by a snow groomer and equipped with a timing system. One of the cross country skiing trails is especially prepared for sprinters. The professional trails are suited for official competitions. Yearly in January or February more than 100 participants join the Magurka Cup “In the steps of Archduchess Maria Theresa”. The Magurka Cross Country Skiing Cup of Maria Theresa Habsburg and the lodge (“Erzherzogin Maria Theresia – Schutzhaus auf dem Josefsberg“) are named after the Archduchess Maria Theresa who had her own room in the lodge and skied here very often. The competition has been organised since 2005.

For runners and bikers

During the summer the cross country skiing trails can be used by runners and bikers. Have a break in the lodge of Archduchess Maria Theresa on top of the Magurka Mountain where you can eat real Polish dishes like Bigos, a traditional meat and cabbage stew.

Interesting architecture

Outside the refuge, a multi-purpose construction was built, harmonizing with the surroundings as it combines modernity with regional architecture. The building houses facilities for maintaining tourist trails and serving sports events. Its interesting roof has an original construction serving as a hill for testing ski waxes before competitions start. During summer it serves as a panorama terrace.

Location and contact information

Mountain shelter PTTK NA MAGURCE
Magurka Wilkowicka 7
43-365 Wilkowice
Phone: +48 33 8170421