Uphill Magurka MTB Contest

Take up the challenge

Take part in the spring (June) or autumn (September) Uphill Magurka MTB Contest. Overcome four kilometers of paved and forest roads on your own MTB. Up to 100 participants can take part in this yearly MTB event.

After the competition you can have a rest in the lodge of Archduchess Maria Theresa Habsburg on top of the Magurka Mountain, where you can taste traditional Polish food, like bigos (cabbage stew).

This year’s autumn Uphill Magurka MTB Contest will take place 24th of September 2016. Start of the contest at 10:00.


M1 10-19 Y.
M2 20-29 Y.
M3 30-39 Y.
M4 40-49 Y.
M5 50-59 Y.
M6 >60 Y.

K1 < 17 Y.
K2 18-29 Y.
K3 >30 Y.

Sign up for the Uphill Magurka MTB Contest on (only in Polish): http://time4sport.pl/?cat=3

Location and contact information

Mountain lodge PTTK NA MAGURCE
7 Magurka Wilkowicka
43-365 Wilkowice
Phone: +48 33 8170421
Email: info@magurka.beskidy.pl